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How To Remove Trapped Air From Your Plumbing System

Trapped air in your home’s pipes can lead to some odd sounds that can be sound odd or even scary. If you hear prolonged vibrating or gurgling sounds around your house, it could be coming from your plumbing system. You have nothing to worry about, this is a sign that there is air trapped in your water pipes and it can be removed. 

Here is how to remove the air that is trapped in your pipes.

Step 1: Shut off the main water valve. 

Your main water supply valve is shut off by turning the knob as far clockwise as it will go. Depending on where you live, the main water valves are in closets, basement areas, or outside of your house. Once it’s shut off, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Turn on every faucet in your home.

This will include all the indoor and outdoor faucets. and every water connection you may have in your home. Don’t turn on the faucets on full force, just enough to let the air escape. Flush toilets as well to ensure there is no more water running in the system. Your washer and dishwasher to need to be turned on. All hot and cold faucets should be turned on to let all the air run out. This ensures that your water system is completely emptied of water and air. With your home’s water system now empty, move on to the third and final step.

Step 3: Turn the main water supply back on. 

Turn your main water valve as far as it can go clockwise. Allow water to run through all the open faucets for 10-15 minutes. Ensure every faucet is pouring out a steady stream of water and no noises are coming out of the pipes anymore. A steady flow indicates all the air is out and the water is flowing properly. For dishwashers and washers, pour in a cup of water and let them run a rinse cycle to clean them properly. Flush the toilets as well until they have a steady flow of water. Finally, turn off all your faucets and pat yourself on the back for work well done!

Should you still have problems, give Service Pro Plumbing a call at (360) 342-4425. Your plumbing system could have a bigger problem.  We will give you a free estimate and schedule a timely repair of trapped air from your plumbing system.

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